Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Russian Brides


Christian Lacroix - Haute Couture, inspired by Russian Tsars

When I was younger a friend and I were talking about fashion and how cooky it was in art class, we asked our teacher about it and she told us to look at it as not clothing but Art. This wedding dress to me is Art. I always say I'm going to elope, but if I somehow end up having a whole huge wedding ... I'm having love letters on my gown.


  1. your so right... fashion is art. its a beautiful form of self expression

  2. It is Art. Some of it, not very good, but Art still the same. Maybe Runway is more art than what you find at Walmart though.

    Looks like a "Lacroix Bride Barbie" :)
    thanks for the follow ;)

  3. it is art .. couture is art . definitely

    stying can be an artform

    and i strongly believethat .
    and wow that dress!

  4. Fashion is definitely art, it all about expressing yourself through what you wear.

    What a cool photo and a great little message underneath :0)

  5. I so badly want this for my wedding. I'd love to have an outfit that EVERYONE will remember.

  6. This wedding dress is simply stunning. And just proof that fashion is an art form. This is something I wouldn't be surprised to see in a museum some day.

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  8. OH THANK YOU SO MUCH, you are so sweet I could totally spent my day stalking you, but that's just ilegal. LOL, funny thing is that not a lot of people consider me funny at all! They don't appreciate sarcastic humor anymore. I love your blog by the way.

  9. this dress is quite amazing I have to say waow

  10. I actually got shivers from looking at that gown, sooo amazing.

  11. Fashion is most definitely wearable art. Dying over those earrings!