Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Chuck Bass - All time favourite character

When Gossip Girl first started, I was telling my younger cousin to watch it, she was quite skeptical, so I was explaining why I liked it so much. Mind you, I was explaining to her whilst we were in backseat of a car with my grandmother, and my aunty and my mum in the front; so as I was saying "Cause there's this character that is bad but good" my Greek grandmother laughed and repeated "Good but bad?", after several repeats on my part "He's good but bad, like him being bad is good" my cousin and grandmother just nodded off and laughed with each other. It's been a year now. My cousin is trying to catch up on Gossip Girl, my grandmother still watches Bold and Beautiful (which btw ask me a storyline question dating to the 80's and I have a good shot at answering it) and I still love Chuck Bass - cause he's bad but good.

Credit - & more at http://justjared.buzznet.com/2009/06/16/ed-westwick-gq-magazine-fall-fashion/



  1. Chuck Bass. Hot. Have you heard his band, The Filthy Youth? Listen to Boy don't smoke! xoxo

  2. Love Chuck Bass - he's so effortlessly cool and incredibly louche. I can't ee him and Blair working for long without drama though, she's far too neurotic!

  3. lol yeppp i've got boy dont smoke and some others on my computer! he recently said tho theyre not doing anything atm coz he's too busy with gg :(

  4. Chuck bass- Ed Westwick,
    is my faviourite charector,
    his smart, sexy, beautiful and highly fashionable!
    As you said, his good but bad, and a 'bad boy' is defintley something that i find extremly attractive.

    It's the same as Blair- she's my fav girl charector in GG.

    i love gossip girl and dont want it to end!
    ive read the entire collection of books! and i hope that gossip girl doesnt end! ever! but i heard a rumour theres only 5 seasons :/ so sad times for me!

  5. I feel so much better finding other Chuck Bass fans. I hated him in the beginning but as time went by I fell for how effortlessly he plays the bad guy. I actually found myself rooting for him a couple of times.